Week Three: Lectio Divino


lentLectio Divina, Sacred Reading, invites us to  read scripture in a slow and reflective manner.  As the passage is read, listen for a word or phrase that captures your attention.  You may read through the passage again, listening deeply.  What does that word or phrase evoke within you?  Ponder and ruminate on those words.  Respond within to those thoughts and stirrings.  Finally, what might be the invitation God is offering you?


Week One: Personalizing the Psalms


Personalizing a Psalm can feel strange at first.  I felt a bit inadequate when thinking of placing my own words into scripture. Wasn’t the Psalm fine as it was?  But as I started personalizing the Psalm, the benefit became apparent. Reflected in the words was my immediate yearning, hurt, or joy.  The prayer changed as my days changed!  I also became aware of how the word I used to describe God reflected my relationship with God, my need of God, on that day, at that time.