Sacred Laughter

Laughter, genuine laughter!
Uncontainable, joyous!
Pure and unrestrained.
A true gift given!

My daughters and I were flying a kite on a wonderful, breezy afternoon.  The youngest was holding the spool of string, the rest of us had our necks craned as we watched the kite high above us.  You can imagine our surprise as the spool (no longer in my daughter’s hand) passed us by and the kite kept soaring above us!  My children have a vivid image of me chasing after that spool of string attached to our kite.

The wind took the kite and the string along with it across the park. For some reason, I thought I could run fast enough to grab the spool!  I took off running, in what felt like a sprint.  I began to imagine what I must look like running after the kite that was blowing through the air, the string always just out of reach. I could see the looks on people’s faces as they watched this crazy lady running through the park trying to capture the elusive kite!

Out of breath and half way across the park I looked back to find both girls still standing in the same spot…their mouths and eyes wide open. I burst into laughter and so did they.  For weeks we would pass by the kite hung up in the phone wires and just laugh.

That was a sacred laughter. Why? Because, that laughter was bound together in the love and joy of that moment.

Recently, after a very long and very hard bout of laughter, a friend said, “beautiful!” I couldn’t agree more.

Take time to recall:

First a grin.

A smile soon breaks out.

A chuckle escapes.

Finally laughter erupts…

At the memory of us doubled over with laughter!

I love that memory!