“Wow…I did not see that coming…what a wonderful surprise!”  “Oh my…I did not see that coming…this changes things and will be so hard.”  Life is full of these kind of moments, as well as the routine and predictable periods.  All are sacred and worthy of reflection.

For me personally, life is a tapestry, threads made and woven from encounters, situations, events, and relationships…made sacred by the ever present weavings of the Spirit. In this tapestry there are colors I would not have chosen, patterns I could never imagine for myself, and beauty beyond what I could create.

When I take time to step back and reflect on my tapestry I see things that were missed in the moments. I see weavings, encounters that came together in just the right moDepositphotos_56537483_s-2015ments. I see threads that looked like they were dangling at the time, but were later woven in to complete or add to my journey’s design. I see places, often during difficult times, where the threads grew tighter holding the fabric together and people that were essential in those moments. I see the brightness that laughter and silliness bring to my unique design.

I stand in amazement, often times laughing, at the “threads” that make up the tapestry in my life. It is with great wonderment that I look forward to future threads that will be part of my life’s tapestry.

I have a passion to be with and provide opportunities for others as they discover the beauty and the sacredness in the tapestry of their lives. My experience has been that this awareness of God’s presence influences how we move through our days and wander toward our future.

Maybe you see your journey in the image of landscapes, or a unique tree, possibly even weather patterns. I would love to hear about your images!

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