Spiritual Roots

held photo-1I recently spent time reflecting on this painting by Melanie Weidner. I was continually drawn to the roots of the tree, seeing the steadiness and sureness of them in contrast to the blowing storm above. I thought about newly planted trees being anchored by ropes, an outward system to keep the tree from toppling over until it’s own growth and root system can take hold.

In faith journeys, or our life journeys, there are people who do the same for us, all the while contributing to the roots of our spiritual formation. I began thinking of the many people that contributed and are contributing to my ever-growing root system. The people who loved me when it was most difficult to love me, those who gave me encouragement, allowed me to question and doubt and wander. There are those who were unkind and hurtful, where I was challenged to look deeply at what it means to love my enemies and that all people are children of the same Creator. Times when being in community can be difficult and blessed at the same time no doubt broadened and gave depth in my Spirit. The spiritual disciplines that have become a part of my life, people I encountered for a passing moment, yet had a lasting impact, those who I have laughed with, cried with, prayed with, and played with all are part of the root system that nourishes the tree called “my life.”

This root system is grounded in God who holds, sustains, and gives new life again and again and again.

How does this painting speak to you?

Picture by Melanie Weidner.  www.ListenForJoy.com

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