Seasons and Times

The third chapter of Ecclesiastes begins: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…and so follows the beautiful litany of the times and seasons of our lives. As I have meditated on this for several years, I have watched the seasons of nature and how different plants move through each of the seasons of the year.

For instance, fruit trees do not live a81B74EBE-B68B-41ED-8167-D6969E01D023ll the seasons, all the time. Nor do they only live one season, such as bearing fruit, all year long. The fruit tree lives each season with all its energy, transitioning from one season to the next in the fullness of time.

God, through His creation, shows us how to live. How are you at moving in and out of the seasons of your life? Deep rest, blooming, bearing fruit, harvest. Mourning, dancing, silence, speaking up. How do you live?

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